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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! No, not the one where we made another circle around the sun but other one – the moon lol Happy Lunar New Year, more popularly known as Happy Chinese New Year. I’ll be first to admit, that I don’t know, rather didn’t know much about this topic until I started researching it. Now, I’m sure someone who is reading this will correct me and/or tell me that I’m totally wrong, however, I’d like to take few minutes or rather few sentences to describe the celebration: One of the customs is to clean the house – as in get rid of the ill-fortune that has been around and make room for the blessings to come. Praying/honoring ‘Higher Beings’ I’ve found over the years, that in society where we are ultra politically correct, saying G-O-D might be frowned upon, so Higher Being it is :). Family dinner is A big part of the celebration, a chance for everyone to come together, celebrate each other’s company and greet the incoming Year. During this dinner, Red Envelopes are gifted with money, to signify good luck and good fortune for the receiver. The holiday, although called Chinese New Year is celebrated amongst many Asian Cultures with variations to A specific area. By the way, the info was at the most reliable website – wiki

Why would Portrait Photography Studio write and/or care about Chinese New Year? – Simple 🙂 It is because we encourage cultural integration into our sessions. We encourage making sessions sessions to be unique for the families, we encourage sessions to be personal. Over the last 10 years, we’ve had many Asian clients but not many were part of our Watch Me Grow Family. We’ve done series of blogs on Watch Me Grow, and you can check those in the archives. This session is a bit different.

We’ve worked with Clair since she was under 2 months young. Parents didn’t know about the newborn stage SO we started a few weeks later. Fast Forward, she’s now 6 months and is mastering her sitting which happens to be one of the milestones for this stage. It’s the season of Chinese / Lunar New Year . This will be her third visit to our Brooklyn, Bensonhurst studio. With all of our sessions, parents are strongly encouraged to participate and help us get baby’s attention and expressions. Well, this time – work THEY did :). We just loved how all the details in this session came together!

We got great images, happy smiles and another successful session in the books.

chinese new year baby photography session in Brooklyn, NYC

Clair surrounded by red envelopes, oranges and lanterns. Mom also hand made her little dragon.

To learn more about us or packages that we offer, please visit our website here.

Advantages of New Gear & Session with Miss Bella Sat, 05 Jan 2019 14:36:11 +0000 The last blog entry I wrote was about gear – you can find it here. It was a dilemma and a tough one. New camera, new technology – we’ve had to consider the workflow, the price, the need vs want, the advantages vs disadvantages, etc etc. After nearly a month of putting Nikon Z 6 through our typical work day/weekend, it passed the tests and we decided to keep it. It also meant that current purchase is counteracted with liquidating other equipment. Like many photographers, I look at gear as what it represented during its use, for example: Nikon D90 was the camera we purchased when opened the studio in 2010. It was the primary camera for the next year and a half capturing every possible wedding, portrait session. It was only after we purchased Nikon D300s, did D90 got a little break and breathing room. Nikon Df, in my opinion,  was the best photography camera ever came out. The looks, the feels, the image quality… it wasn’t a camera I would take to photograph a sporting event though, but it was my first choice for any event or portrait assignment. It would be the vacation camera and it was also a gift from Angela at our wedding anniversary. It was sad to let go of these camera bodies because of the fund memories they served . I’ve also had to let go of Nikkor 105mm 2.8 Macro lens, small light lens that doubled as a portrait lens, I sold 28mm f/2.8, 28-105 3.5-4.5 lens. The last one 28-105 had particular memories as it was the lens captured my portraits at my wedding by my mentor – I purchased it after he passed away. Every piece of gear that I’ve ever owned had/has some sort of sentimental value and letting go of is a tough decision, a business decision.

However, at the end of the day, the gear is only as good as the person using it, paired with preparation and post production, we were able to deliver our product fast and efficiently.

Bella, she was 4 years old, came to us with mommy and grandparents. At first, she was a bit shy, but loosened up very fast. Bella was phenomenal, followed the prompts, did everything her mom and we planned to do. Together we were able to produce a pleasant gallery of images. Big part of the success from this session was the camera. Yes, I could have done the same with older camera but little quirks, made it that much simpler.

The first image is of Bella looking at the side. It could have been captured with any camera brand, any lens. Frankly, I love the 2/3 lighting pattern on her love her childish look, if nothing at all and only this shot, I would have been very happy. But its Bella, and she delivered MORE 🙂  nyc children's photographer

Mommy bought her this gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS dress. Having background in wedding photography, seeing certain scenes, props, clothes, creative juices start flowing and allow us to create multiple results from similar setups. This dress was perfect for our Winter Wonderland Setup. It is one of the toughest setups not by difficulty but rather complexity and time. Here, we Bella, looking at the camera, slightly facing away from the light. In the perfect world, I would have had her turn her face a bit more to the light, to capture the classical 2/3 view of the face. But where we lacked in perfect pose, we gained in perfect expression. Kids typically cannot fake emotions. Their expressions are genuine and to me, are more valuable, then perfect photography technique.

nyc children's photographer

As mentioned earlier, Bella is 4 years old. Although she was phenomenal through the shoot, she is still a little kid who gets easily tired and modeling for photography session is a tiring activity. One of the advantages of mirrorless technology is the power of LCD/eVF (electronic viewfinder) – what you see in one, you see in the other. Thus having the light set and knowing my exposure won’t change, all I had to do was flip the lcd down and raise the camera. We ended up with this shot. It was quick and painless

nyc children's photographer

Next shot, was among the favorites from the session. The light was place Camera Left, camera right is the wall. For those who know me, I’m not a small guy so getting into an area of 2-3 feet width isn’t easy. However, I flipped the screen, extended my hands, held the camera vertically and was able, in seconds, to capture the next shot.

nyc children's photographerMy Nikon D750, has lcd screen that can flip, ALL of mine digital camera have Live View option that allows me to view LCD screen and perform photography (and videography) operations; however, autofocus speed with dSLR live view is slower then a 100 year old turtle. Maybe not at that slow, but slow enough to rarely being used. Mirrorless camera, don’t have that issue. Barabim, baraboom – D O N E. What really impressed me using Nikon Z 6, was the ability for to switch my perspective without really moving a lot. On a different session, I’ll demonstrate the power of tilting screen and explain ease of capturing during the session.

Mirrorless cameras aren’t replacement for dSLRs, at least not yet in my opinion. However, in my studio, with work that we do,  Nikon Z6 is an asset to my sessions, makes sessions go smoother and easier shooting.

All of the images were downsized for web purposes. This whole session was capture with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 with FTZ adapter.  If you are interested in learning more about child photography services provided by Picture Perfect NY, contact us today for more information!


Another moment from the heart… special needs Wed, 22 Aug 2018 13:58:18 +0000 October 2nd 1995, is an interesting date in my life (Joseph), it was the first time I attended a wedding not as a guest but as a vendor. I was only 15 yrs old at that time and I was hired as a videographer’s assistant. Fast fwd to 2018, between assisting videography, eventually becoming one, switching to photography side of the wedding industry, starting as an assistant and eventually becoming a photographer, I lost count on how many weddings, parties, corporate events I’ve been part of capturing. However, at almost everyone of those events, there has been at least one person with some shape or form of special need.

The two faces of Picture Perfect NY are Angela and Joseph. Angela is a full time mom to 4 kids, ages spanning between 1.5 yrs and 10.5 yrs, she is the full time newborn photographer, main contact person for session-setups, the organizer of the sessions, the researcher. Basically, 90% of the studio work and home life is on her. The other side is me (Joseph). My second career has been healthcare, it started earlier in EMS for NYC and progressed to RN at a local hospital. Although both careers satisfy the inner-me, nursing is more about servicing those who really need help and photography is more about capturing the unique moments, events and playing with expensive toys (photography gear).

Why this topic? In the last six months or so, we had several parents contacting about a session, but never following through. However, when we followed up, they further explained that their child is special needs, photographing them would be difficult and they chose to avoid it. Unfortunately, I’m only a photographer and a nurse, I’m not a magician, and I cannot guarantee a perfect session – I wish I could. However, what I can guarantee is that my self and my wife will do everything we can from our end to make the session as successful as possible, regardless of the situation. …with that in mind, first and foremost, for families whose children have special needs, don’t be apprehensive to do the session. Children are beautiful, have pure hearts and as long as we know the situation when scheduling the session, we can plan accordingly. First and foremost, family participation is a must. Parents know their kids better then we do and know what their kids can and cannot do, their know what can make their kids smile, laugh and what would upset them. Second, we might need more time for the session. Although sessions have specific time allotted, if we know in advance we need more time, we’ll make those arrangements. Last but not least, realistic expectationsWhen parents have realistic expectations from their children (which in reality is – as long as baby isn’t crying, it is a good session and anything more then that is a bonus) we can be successful.

Children are beautiful!!!

If you are interested in having a newborn, baby or child portrait session in the New York City area, contact us today for all the details!

nyc photographer | special needs portrait session

Their Expression and Smiles are PRICELESS

nyc photographer captures smiles of special pecial needs child

nyc photographer | special needs | portrait session | capturing smiles

First Birthday Cake Smash Session | Nautical Theme

nyc photographer | special needs portrait session | first birthday cake smash

He might be sad, that cake is gone, but he enjoyed every moment of it.

NYC Newborn Photographer | Harry Potter Themed Newborn Session Mon, 02 Jul 2018 14:35:45 +0000 Customized Newborn Session… that’s always the goal for all of our sessions. This was no exception.

I’ll tell ya’ the truth, I’m familiar with Harry Potter but between running the business and having four kids, I’ve never had an opportunity to read any of the Harry Potter books nor watch any of the movies.  Therefore, when Michael’s parents reached out to me for their newborn session and brought their ideas to me, I was very excited to do something very personal and different.

First we started out with our simple and elegant poses and Michael showed that he got swag


As we proceeded to the next set, we incorporated Harry Potter collectible dolls into the session and Michael LOVED it – what a smile

NYC Newborn Photographer

The Royal Baby Newborn package that parents chose, includes two props. The first one we did was a teddy bear bowl, he was so cuddly and cute with little teddy buddy 🙂

nyc newborn teddy bear friends

The next prop scene, was the cool part: the books, the doll, blanket and shoes, parents brought from his nursery… Michael figured he’ll sleep through it and we got our shots.

NYC Newborn Photographer

After the props, we moved onto families. Michael is blessed with being the youngest of three. It might seem tough at times but having life experience of 2 older siblings will be helpful in life.

nyc newborn photographer siblings brothers sister

He was a pleasure to photograph and he will always be surrounded by love. I am looking forward to watching his grow with his milestone sessions 🙂 If you are interested in having a newborn portrait session with us in the greater New York City area, contact us today.

nyc newborn photographer | surrounded by love

Graduation & Dancer Portrait Session | NYC Portrait Photographers Mon, 25 Jun 2018 18:51:47 +0000 A few weeks ago, we had a pleasure of working with Miss Sophia. Sophia came to us with her mom, she was celebrating her graduation from kindergarten. Her children’s portrait session included several sets. We started with formal graduation pictures.

NYC PhotographerNaturally, Sophia was shy at first, her mom encouraged her to move forward… and she did. Her smiles, her laughter and overall demeanor was contagious.

We then moved into her hobby, her dancing career.

NYC Photographer

Have I mentioned that Sophia is a professional dancer? Well, professional on the side, first come school responsibilities 🙂

Perhaps, we saved the best for last. Her formal 🙂

Sophia’s mom bought her GORGEOUS dress. Interestingly though, Sophia was the one who chose it. Like a true performer, she wore it with pride and put on an amazing show, like only a child-star could.

NYC Photographer


Once in a while a client comes and triggers inspirations. For me, it was this dress. It reminded me of some wedding dresses brides wear. Naturally, as a trained wedding photographer, I started thinking how else I could utilize this dress and further enhance the session. Every pose, every lighting setup, every image that I setup, Sophia was a sport and we successfully finished a session.

NYC PhotographerNYC Photographer

Anyone who has modeled out there, either just for a session or professionally, would agree that being in front of the camera isn’t easy. It requires ability to take and follow specific directions, its also helpful understanding what the photographer or director is doing and it is all exhausting. Within an hour time, during our full session, Sophia went from being super shy, when first entered, to being loose, outgoing, contagiously-laughing little girl and to being tired. She was a pleasure to photograph and we wish nothing but the best to her and her family as they are celebrating her graduation and advance in next milestone of her life. If you are interested in having a portrait session in the greater New York City area, contact us today!

Abigail’s 2nd Birthday Cake Smash Session Fri, 27 Apr 2018 01:54:39 +0000 Second Birthday Portrait Session

Its never to late to do a Cake smash session for your little one! This is exactly what Abigail’s mom decided to do for her. When her mom reached out and ask if we only do First Birthday cake smashes, I replied “of course not”. Since Abigail’s birthday falls during spring time, a spring themed session was the perfect option for her. The backdrop we used featured flowers in all colors and gave it a rustic feel. Mom decided to bring her own cake to the session and add the TWO sign for a special touch. We do offer the option to order a custom cake if clients choose to.

NYC Cake Smash Photography Session

We never really know how a child will react to a cake even if they have tried some in the past. It was a great option that her parents opted to do pre cake smash portraits before introducing the cake. Abigail was not to interested in smashing the cake or even eating it. She really enjoyed playing with the props around her such as the little wagon, flowers, and chair. She was so distracted by it all she even kept her heir piece on the entire time which was a surprise for her parents. Mom was very worried about how the session would go because she said Abigail doesn’t sit in one place, well we certainly didn’t expect her to! She did some posing of her own for us as well as some dancing 🙂 Here is a sneak peak from her session with us! Interested in learning more or ready to schedule a portrait session with us? Contact us now.

NYC Cake Smash Photography SessionNYC Cake Smash Photography SessionNYC Cake Smash Photography Session

Valentine’s Exclusive Sessions are Here! Thu, 11 Jan 2018 18:50:30 +0000 NYC Photographers at Picture Perfect NY

Our Valentine’s Day Setup

It’s that time of year again! As we’re all winding down from the busy holiday season, we have one more holiday sneaking up on us. That’s right, Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day, as we get to celebrate the love we have for one another. The holiday is all about holding your loved ones close to you and showing that you care.

Little children exchange valentines at school to their friends and their classmates, while adults celebrate with roses and chocolate. We all have a way that we show our love for our friends and family, and I’m so glad there’s a day on the calendar that celebrates that ideal.

This year, we are celebrating the love of Valentine’s Day by doing mini, exclusive sessions. These sessions will be limited, so don’t wait on booking yours now.

For our setup, we have a lot of different goodies we are using. We have heart shaped fans, hearts, chocolate boxes, roses, banners, and a huge LOVE sign! There are so many props that can be used for this session to make it your own.

In addition, we have two different backdrops to choose from. The first, shown above, shows a clean white backdrop and flooring, featuring a chaise lounge.

Below, you will see a different backdrop option. This option features many different accessories as well!

NYC Photographers at Picture Perfect NY

You will see many different types of hearts, rose petals on the floor, LOVE signs, and even a kissing booth! This backdrop is black, giving the red a lot of pop in camera.

Valentine’s Session Pricing & Details

Don’t wait until February 14th to book, as the spots will be gone by then. These exclusive mini sessions will feature 8 digital images taken within 20 minutes, along with an online gallery and print release. These sessions will be $175. Again, these will book very quickly, so don’t wait! You can click here to get your spot on the calendar, like these little models did below! Email to book!

NYC Photographers at Picture Perfect NYNYC Photographers at Picture Perfect NY

One Unique 9-Month Session | NYC Children’s Photographer Wed, 15 Nov 2017 22:56:52 +0000 NYC Children’s Photographer

As a NYC children’s photographer, I not only photograph newborns, I enjoy watching my newborns grow up! This session was actually a 9-month session, marking her growth over the past 9 months, from the newborn age.

When my client first came to me wanting a 9 month session, they were concerned with how the final product would turn out due to previous negative experiences at another portrait studio.

The other studio they had done pictures at had less variety in props and didn’t allow the parents to interact with the children during their session. At our studio, we understand that most children aren’t really picture perfect, and that’s perfectly fine! They love moving around, playing with toys, and having fun, but not sitting still.

NYC Children’s Photographer

At our NYC Children’s Photographer studio, we specialize in newborns and also young children. We love when parents interact with their kids and we absolutely love candid pictures too!

When it comes to scheduling your session, we want you to love absolutely every aspect. Our session are completely personal. You get to choose all of the props, the colors, and the outfits. For this 9 month girl session, we decided not to use typical pink backdrops or typical girly props.

Instead, we wanted to go for a more formal look, accenting a little bit of baby pink with black and white. Our little model wore black and white as well, nicely complimenting the backdrop we chose.

NYC Children’s Photographer

We actually chose a pastel backdrop as well, nicely contrasting the black and white floral backdrop. Our pastel backdrop features pinks and purples, as well as a princess castle in the background. We even added a crown into our session to complete the look of being an absolutely princess!

In closing, not every session has to be a typical session, colored with typical colors and themes. When a client suggests a unique theme or doesn’t want “the usual”, we create some magic!

To book your custom themed session today, click here!

NYC Children’s Photographer

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits | Baby Amirah Sat, 14 Oct 2017 00:57:38 +0000 Amirah’s Newborn Session

Baby Amirah and her parents first came to me shortly after her birth. At only a few days old, I had the privilege to photograph her and her little family.

During her newborn session, we took pictures of Baby Amirah soundly sleeping on a soft linen with pale pink lace wrapped around her.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits

Baby Amirah sleeps soundly at her newborn session.

We also did a family portrait with this little family. This was an all-natural portrait, showing the strong love this family holds, while they embrace each other.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits

Baby Amirah and her little family hold each other close.

Little did I know that this was not the only time I would be seeing baby Amirah in the next year.

Their family loved our newborn portraits so much that they decided to come back 4 more times that year! They took full advantage of our Newborn-1 Year Portraits package.

4 Month Portraits

The first session they did after their newborn session was at Amirah’s 4 month milestone.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits

Amirah celebrates 4 months!

Amirah celebrated her four months with the same precious neutral colors as in her newborn session. With a quilted white bed, a fur rug, lace, and a big flower, Amirah glowed during this session.

6 Month Portraits

After a few more months, Amirah was back again! This time, it was for her 6 month photos.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits

She’s 6 months old!

It just amazes me how much she grew in the two months between our last sessions! This session, she decided we would go bold.

With a flower striped background, a pop of teal in the chair, and her striped outfit to match, Amirah showed her precious style at 6 months old.

Newborn-1 Year Portraits

Amirah spends a day at the studio beach!

9 Month Portraits

For her 9 month session, Amirah decided to go to the beach! With sand at her feet, a ship in a bottle, and a relaxing white chair, she brought her bathing suit and prepared for some sun! Teal little starfish showered the flower as she relaxed in the scenery.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits

Amirah turns One!

Newborn-1 Year Portraits

She’s One!

The last session in her Newborn-1 Year Portraits package was a cake smash! And smash the cake, she did! Amirah saw her gorgeous floral cake that matched her 6 month session and went for it!

What a great way to celebrate 1 year of life.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing Amirah progress through her first year. If you’d like to capture your baby’s first year, click here!

NYC Fall & Halloween Sessions | Book Now! Mon, 02 Oct 2017 12:09:13 +0000 This cutie poses with a pumpkin outfit and a pumpkin!

This cutie poses with a pumpkin outfit and a pumpkin!

Fall Indoors

Fall is here! Get ready for pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins, and of course our children’s favorite Halloween costumes!

Leaves are changing and falling outside, but they are inside our studio too! Many people enjoy outdoor fall sessions, but sometimes clients want indoor fall sessions. Indoor fall sessions are not only possible, but they are absolutely lovely!

At our studio, our indoor fall sessions are a huge hit. We have colorful leaves, pumpkins, and of course cute outfits for our baby visitors!

Not all pumpkins have to be orange!

Not all pumpkins have to be orange!

Not All Pumpkins Have to be Orange

Here at our studio, pumpkins come in a variety of colors! Why only have orange pumpkins when you can have pink, blue, and gold pumpkins too?

We love varitety and creativity, so we decided to go outside the box with our NYC Fall & Halloween Sessions.

This darling above shows that not all Fall Sessions have to be about the color orange. With her gorgeous pink dress and colorful pumpkins, she shows us a different and gorgeous style of Fall!

This little boy rides in a Fall hay ride!

This little boy rides in a Fall hay ride!

Our Halloween Sessions

Are you ready to see your children’s faces glow with excitement as they race through the hallways battling enemies? It’s that time of year again, and boy, am I so glad!

One of my favorite parts of fall is seeing children enact their favorite characters. Halloween costumes give them a new light on life, and allow them to be someone else for a night.

At our studios, we offer both NYC Fall & Halloween Sessions. Bring your favorite costume into the studio, pick out a cool backdrop, and let’s make some magic!

Not only do Halloween sessions make for cute memories, but they also give your kids the ability to act out their character. It can’t get more fun than that.

To book your NYC Fall & Halloween Sessions now, contact us here!

baby wearing pumkin costumeNYC Fall & Halloween SessionsNYC Fall & Halloween Sessions