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‘Tis the Season: Professional Holiday Portraits in NYC

It’s that time again… ok, this isn’t an advertisement, but a bit about our holiday sessions. Every year, sometimes in late July, early August, Angela starts planning the holiday sessions. Naturally, she’s asking me which backgrounds I like; naturally, I answer “whatever you like”, which leads to something along the lines of “you’re no help”….

Five Years… and counting

Hello, my name is Joseph… sounds like a beginning to one of the _Anonymous meetings… I have been privileged to enter video/photography/memory capturing industry from mid 90s. Over the years, while being primarily a wedding photographer, I have seen the start of many families. However, it was the incorporation in family photography where I began…

A little something from the heart

A little something from the heart. Why bother? Why not do something easier? Why stay up until 3 am to finish an edit? The answer is as simple as it is complex.  As an event photographer, whether its a wedding, birthday party or a corporate get together, I’m often faced with people who simply don’t…

ADRIAN | Dr. Seuss | Rustic Garden for Boys | NYC Family Photography Studio

Why fit in when YOU were born to stand out? Many moons ago, a little man, by the name of Adrian was born. He brought smiles and tears of joy to his family. His presence, rocked the world around him We had a pleasure of meeting Adrian, when he was 8 days young. He came…