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In the beginning, there is no color.

I wanted to dedicate this blog post of off-color images. We see the world in color and it is beautiful. But when happens when we can’t see the colors as they are, what happens when some colors look the same? Are the pictures still beautiful or they are just same shade boring? According to National…

Cultural Education – Three Months Session – 100 Days

If there is ‘one sentence’ that would describe me, it would be a student of life. I love learning different stuff, whether it is photography, medicine, or simply cultural education, i love learning. Therefore, when we are honored to have clients from different cultures, I take that opportunity to ask questions and learn stuff. Over…

Advantages of New Gear & Session with Miss Bella

The last blog entry I wrote was about gear – you can find it here. It was a dilemma and a tough one. New camera, new technology – we’ve had to consider the workflow, the price, the need vs want, the advantages vs disadvantages, etc etc. After nearly a month of putting Nikon Z 6…

‘Tis the Season: Professional Holiday Portraits in NYC

It’s that time again… ok, this isn’t an advertisement, but a bit about our holiday sessions. Every year, sometimes in late July, early August, Angela starts planning the holiday sessions. Naturally, she’s asking me which backgrounds I like; naturally, I answer “whatever you like”, which leads to something along the lines of “you’re no help”….