Maternity Photography – Picture Perfect NY New York City Maternity, Baby and Newborn Photography Sun, 05 Jan 2020 22:51:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 NYC Maternity in-Doors | Mini Session Sun, 15 Dec 2019 01:39:50 +0000 We often photograph maternity sessions outdoors. In truth its easier…. there, the secret is out lol. Outdoor maternity sessions are easier, different but easier because the environment adds a lot of flavor to the image. However, the art of lighting and posing and composition comes in very handy when the weather is bad, which is currently freezing in NYC, and we move the session inside the studio. One of the things that I love when working in-doors it allows me an opportunity to Photo-Graph (aka Create the image with light). This particular  session, was a Maternity Mini Session where we incorporated the whole family.

family maternity nyc photographer

Maybe I’m biased, but this image speaks a lot with me. It shows this beautiful mommy surrounded by her boys, as they are expecting their new, surprise family addition.


The moment right before the fireworks start flying 🙂 The Pre-Kissssss

nyc maternity session expecting parents


Even though the session was concentrated on incorporating Mama’s Boys, we can’t and shouldn’t forget about mommy’s solo images.

About 15 years ago I fell in love with black and white photography. Although, it seems simple to press a button and convert an image to BW and/or grayscale, in actuality, photographing and editing with intent to be BW is a bit different then color images. And this happens to be one of those examples.

maternity nyc black-white photographerThe window image high key curtain, has become on of the most poplar requests with our studio and we gladly oblige.

maternity session nyc photographer in front of the window

Last but not least, the HIGH KEY images. As the saying goes, “When in Rome…” lol when you have a model that is willing to have fun during her session 🙂 we have fun. Creating simple classic/timeless images is what I love to do best and I can do it over and over again and it never gets old 🙂 if you are expecting and would like to document this special time feel free to contact us!

maternity photographer nyc high key



Best Maternity Session: From Springtown TX to NYC Fri, 19 Jul 2019 05:17:34 +0000 In the last 10 years, one of the things that consistently do, or rather try to do, is plan for the session. We hammer out the details, we discuss the outfits, we discuss expectations. The aim, is to have always have a successful photography event. However, it isn’t always the case… though luck/prayer really helps.

At the beginning of April, this gorgeous mommy to be, reached out to us and wanted to get more info about our maternity sessions. She’s already visited the information on the site and after few additional details we got the date and time set to go. Only downfall was that we were about 3 months away from the session and had no idea what to expect from mother nature. Like with all of our outdoor sessions, if plausible we move it into the studio or reschedule for a different day. As we got closer to the day and started looking at the weather, it seemed that reschedule would be a better plan as it was supposed to be raining the day of; in-fact, night before our scheduled session, it was POURING and next morning, looking at accumulation of clouds and about-to-rain weather… To say that I was upset would be an understatement. To make the situation even more interesting, there’s absolutely NO WAY POSSIBLE to postpone the session as my couple are natives of Springtown, TX and are expected to fly out following morning. Session has to take place as scheduled.

In my mind, I have many places that I enjoy photographing. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is one of my most and least favorite places to go to. I hate going there because on a nice/summerish day, because (1) pedestrian traffic in the area, feels like a black-friday sale (2) getting the “good location” shot, might require some waiting since there are many weddings/engagements and other portrait sessions going on (3) did I mention the massive amount of people in the area?. However, despite my dislike, I truly enjoy the area b/c it is SO DARN beautiful. I could probably spend 5-6hrs of photographing all with-in 6 block radius and end up with ridiculous amount of images from different scenes. We settled on DUMBO, settled on time…

As I left the studio, from my morning sessions, all while driving towards DUMBO, a hidden miracle occurred – the change in weather from cloudy gloomy about-to-rain evening towards gorgeous clouds, gorgeous sky and when I finally met them – gorgeous couple.

I always start out my sessions simple, with simple pose and simple lighting. All to get the couple comfortable, relaxed and get them comfortable in front of the camera.

modern maternity photography

Once we got several images here with mommy to be alone and the couple, we moved on towards the bridge walkway. I loved how the sun was shining through and creating beautiful geometric patterns.

modern maternity photography

On the other side of the stairs, kids were playing and peeking at us 🙂

As we moved around and navigated through pedestrian traffic, got few more shots here and there, we entered the street view of Brooklyn Bridge. I remember, back in the day… before DUMBO was what it is today (shops, parks, restaurants), photographing here was simpler. But today, with hundreds of people around us… it was a challenge that we undertook and I think were successful. I posed the couple on the sidewalk and explained what I’d like as we get into position. Setup my light, to a quick test… got the couple in, took the shot and moved them out because beside pedestrian traffic, we also have vehicular traffic to account for. After several attempts of running in and our, we got several of the images at this location.

modern maternity photography

We then went into the park, towards the water again. While moving around, it was another hidden miracle and I’m glad that I got to see it first and had the inspiration to use this set for next set of images.

modern maternity photography

Truthfully, I wasn’t planning to use this area, but that G O R G E O U S sky spoke to me and said “USE ME” LOL. I utilized broken-leading lines composition and was able to fire off several images at this location. As we moved on, we went towards famous Manhattan Bridge view from the Streets. Did I mention yet that pedestrian and vehicular traffic is tough to navigate through… 🙂

modern maternity photography

We finished the session going back to the water by the Manhattan Bridge. Sun was setting, sky was “talking” and my couple were excitedand wanted to be in these pictures.

modern maternity photography

This day went from cloudy, gloomy, to sunny, gorgeous sky and amazing couple.

Brooklyn, NY Lifestyle Maternity Photographer Sheepshead Bay Mon, 10 Jun 2019 14:28:54 +0000 This family was a joy to work with. Mommy to be was so excited for her maternity photo session it shined through when she contacted us. The fact that they were so relaxed and easy going was an added bonus!! I truly fell in love with their maternity session which we did in the comfort of their home. We originally planned to the their session on their veranda in their building but to our surprise it was closed for repairs the day of their session so we did the entire session in their Sheepshead Bay apartment. The neutral tones and perfect sized window set the gallery apart. We  also incorporated their  2 family pets that were oh so adorable. Mom to be was oh so beautiful and glowing.  The connection between mom to be and dad to be was just magical.

Brooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NYBrooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NY
Brooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NY
Brooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NYBrooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NYBrooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NYBrooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NYBrooklyn Lifestyle Maternity Photographers | Picture Perfect NY

My Continued Growth as a Photographer Sun, 25 Feb 2018 02:30:58 +0000 A Continued Journey

As a photographer, artist, and business owner, I have learned that a professional should never stop growing. Though I have been a newborn photographer for many years, there are always new things to learn, new creations to create, and new opportunities to grow.

Throughout my career, I have taken steps to ensure that I am staying up to date with the latest trends. These trends include new ways to pose newborns, new possible cake smash ideas, and new ways to create art behind my camera.

As a photographer, I always ensure that my art is just that. I want to have the creativity be in the plan behind my lens, not in post editing. My photography style is natural, so I want to bring in new ways to be creative on site. This includes new backdrops, new props, new skills I learn to pose children and newborns, and of course critiquing my photography skills behind camera.

Workshops & Classes

As part of my urge to grow as an artist and business owner, I have taken multiple classes in the past few years. I try and take one class every year so that I can stay in tune with my growth.

Sandra Hill Photography 2:1 Workshop- 2016

-As seen from her website and her work, Sandra Hill specializes in fine art portraiture with newborns. She is very skilled and experienced in both posing and techniques behind the camera. Through her workshop, I learned more about how she poses newborns to get the best photos, as well as tips on how to improve my images in camera.

Sunkissed Photography of Kristin Mackey, 2:1 Workshop- 2014 & 2015

-Kristin Mackey was voted Tulsa’s number one newborn photographer. Through her mentoring workshop, I was able to privately work with her posing newborns, swaddling techniques, photography techniques during the session, post-processing, and business mentoring as well.


Through my workshops and classes I have done thus far, they have only motivated me further to stay in touch with growing myself and my business. At Picture Perfect NY, I want you to know you and your child(ren) are always in the best hands. My first concern is always safety, and I am constantly taking classes, reading, and learning about new trends and ways to improve my art.

I hope to see you soon!


A Candid Maternity Session Fri, 29 Dec 2017 23:36:54 +0000 NYC Maternity Session

An Unexpected Visit

This mom and dad were actually not planning on getting maternity pictures done to celebrate their pregnancy. In fact, they almost went completely without.

Pregnancy is such a magical time. It’s the beginning of starting or adding a new addition to the family. It’s something that is special and so magical. Not everyone gets to experience the magic and making of such a strong bond between two people, but those that do, it’s important to capture that love.

As I said before, this couple actually wasn’t planning on getting pictures done. They hadn’t really thought about it and didn’t like the idea of getting professional pictures done to just sit and smile in front of the camera. One of their close friends convinced them to do pictures to capture this special time, so we captured something other than your regular posed picture.

NYC Maternity SessionPerfectly Candid

Did you know that there is actually a style of photograph that doesn’t involve standing in one place, posing, and smiling at the camera? This style is actually one that makes most of our male counterparts pretty relieved.

Most of us don’t really care for pictures where we just sit there and smile and don’t move. We worry about if our posing is okay, if our face looks weird when we smile, and if the angle is right.

Cue our candid maternity session. This session was just the opposite of what we just mentioned above. Candid pictures are actually a very popular style of picture that is being taken.

NYC Maternity Session

Candids are especially popular now, as many people realize the same emotion is not usually captured in posed pictures.

This mom and dad wanted just this. When they inquired to me, they stated that they really didn’t care for the perfectly posed pictures. I agreed with them. So, we came up with a plan to ensure that their session was unique. This involved not looking straight into the camera and showing the emotion they felt at the joy of their gift.

Not all pictures have to be perfectly posed. In fact, most of mine aren’t. As you scroll through the pages of my website, you’ll see that most of the pictures show children in their natural form- playing! If you’d like something like this candid maternity session instead of posed pictures, just let me know, and we’ll do just that!

I look forward to capturing your emotion soon.

Mom holds her tummy, looking down at her joyous new addition.NYC Maternity Session

DUMBO Park Maternity Session | Picture Perfect NYC Fri, 01 Dec 2017 19:38:53 +0000 NYC Outdoor Maternity Session

Our DUMBO Maternity Session

Oh, the Brooklyn Bridge. It always offers an absolutely timeless view for photo sessions, as the bridge stands majestically in the background. It was a cold November evening when this was shot, but you could never tell from how well this gorgeous couple handled the cold.

They came to me, suggesting DUMBO park. I kindly warned them that it would be very cold this time of year. They obviously knew it would be and decided to do this session anyway. As an NYC native, this was a change of scenery that I very much was excited for!

The color schemes they chose for their outfits were neutral colors. Mom chose to wear a gorgeous white lace dress with sleeves and nude heels. Dad wore a dark grey shirt and light grey pants.

This color scheme made them blend perfectly into the scenery, as the white dress popped brightly against the dark cityscape in the background.

NYC Outdoor Maternity Session

For a change of scenery, we also walked in front of this graffiti brick wall, offering some urban touches to our session. The brick wall nicely made mom pop, showing off her gorgeous sleeved white dress and nude heels.

How to Plan for Your Maternity Session

Since this couple got through the cold day, here are a few things to think about when you are booking your session with us:

  1. Be ready for exploring: 

    Not all sessions are just hopping out of the car and walking 20 feet to your destination. I want you to be comfortable and know what you’re getting into. This momma wore heels and was comfortable doing so. If you’d like to wear heels but be comfortable exploring, bring flip flops to change out of!

  2. Dress accordingly: 

    Weather can get pretty cold in NYC and as an NYC Maternity Photographer, I always make sure my families are prepared. Dress in layers and bring a warm winter jacket. Then, you can easily take this off for pictures!

To book your session, contact me today!

NYC Outdoor Maternity SessionNYC Outdoor Maternity Session

Our Fall Maternity Session | NYC Maternity Photographer Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:39:46 +0000 NYC Maternity Photographer

Our Fall Session

As a NYC Maternity Photographer, I absolutely enjoy capturing the final moments before a new life is brought into the world.

Birth is such a miraculous and beautiful process. The love between two people that creates a wonderful human is a process that we will never be able to wrap our heads around.

This beautiful couple first came to me asking if we could do a fall session. They didn’t want a studio session, though. They wanted an outdoor session in the changing fall leaves.

I told them I could absolutely help them with this request, and we ventured out into Prospect Park. There, beautiful oranges, red, and yellows filled the trees.

Mom & Dad’s Outfits

To accent the colorful surroundings, mom and dad chose to wear neutral colors. Mom wore a baby blue color, while dad wore a very lightly colored blue shirt. The baby’s shoes were white and were fuzzy and warm.

NYC Maternity Photographer

As seen in the picture above, their outfits nicely contrasted with the vibrant background. Trees were bright green, and of course some were red, yellow, and orange. The fall leaves that had fallen to the ground were still bright red, orange, and even yellow.

We ventured through the park to various spots, allowing for many different poses and types of pictures. On site, there was an old building, as seen below. The building offered a rustic venue for a variety of different pictures.

NYC Maternity Photographer

In the black and white picture featured above, dad shows his love for mom as he holds her and gently kisses her shoulder. The building offers a different background, nicely contrasting the fall leaves in the park.

Maternity Sessions- Why Book Them?

As a NYC Maternity Photographer, I get the chance to capture many couples. Maternity sessions are so precious, as they show the start of a new journey. Remember these precious moments forever by capturing it through photography.

To book your maternity session, click here. I look forward to capture timeless memories!

NYC Maternity Photographer

DUMBO New York Maternity Session | Brooklyn NY Photographer Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:00:21 +0000 Brooklyn NY Maternity Photographer

Lupita and Mason’s Maternity Session was no less than fabulous.


Have you ever been driving in between assignments and the phone rings, and it’s an out-of-town number? We’ve all had it happen.

Usually, we think it’s spam and roll our eyes as we accept the call, expecting the worst.

This is exactly how this session started.

Brooklyn NY Maternity Photographer

Lupita and Mason’s love glows while standing in front of Brooklyn’s skyline.


A few months ago, while driving between assignments, we got a call with Texas number. This time it wasn’t a telemarketing spam. Instead, it was genuine. It was my future client, Mason!

After few minutes of talking on the phone, he was advised to review our website and email us with specific information. Next thing you know, we have a scheduled date for a photography session.

Brooklyn NY Maternity Photographer

Lupita and Mason pose safely in the historic streets of Brooklyn.


Mason and Lupita came to New York from Texas to see the sites, enjoy the view, and capture the next milestone in their life- a maternity session.

We decided on one of the more unique areas in Brooklyn, more specifically downtown Brooklyn between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, DUMBO.

Brooklyn NY Maternity Photographer

The gorgeous couple poses in front of a historic brick wall.


Sporting a gorgeous white maxi dress, with her husband in a matching white dress shirt and nice jeans, the couple were able to mix elegance while incorporating their Texan culture.

Brooklyn NY Maternity Photographer

The couple stands in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.


What happened in front of my lens that night is history. Put simply, we made sparks fly and magic happen. This series of photographs capture the elegance of Lupita and Mason themselves. Throughout our maternity session, we got to capture various poses in the beautiful skyline of Brooklyn, including the Brooklyn Bridge.

In our session, East Coast met West Coast, creating a beautiful session that Lupita and Mason will forever get to treasure.

This is our goal here at Picture Perfect NY. Contact us today to create art, resulting in timeless pieces you can treasure for generations to come.

Lupita and Mason stand before the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn NY Maternity PhotographerBrooklyn NY Maternity Photographer


Coney Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach Session Thu, 13 Aug 2015 18:37:22 +0000

Coney Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach Session


There is nothing more magical than capturing a family’s journey into parenthood. Their anticipation of waiting for their baby to make a debut into the world is most exciting.

These first time parents to be were not sure if they wanted to do an outdoor session or in studio session. However, after their pre-session consult and weighing out their options they decided to go with a beach shoot. I couldn’t have agreed with them more! With New York City weather, having this opportunity to capture your moments on the beach is not always available due to weather. Mommies who carry in the Spring or Summer, I always encourage an outdoor session. Having the option to do it in our Brooklyn Studio is always there.

Its recommended to capture your maternity session anytime between 30-34 weeks. If you are expecting and would like to discuss and plan your session please feel free to contact us at or call 347-987-0394.

Here is a sneak peak at some the image we captured….

Coney Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach SessionConey Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach SessionConey Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach SessionConey Island Brooklyn Maternity Beach Session

Baby Plan – Watch Me Grow | Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY | Family Photographer NYC | Event Photographer | Mon, 08 Sep 2014 02:31:47 +0000 Recently, a couple came to our studio and after all of the questions were answered, the father to be asked “Why You?”. It is an interesting question ‘why you?’ a question nearly every college and employment recruiter asks ‘why you’, ‘what makes you different?’ It is a question with many answers and yet, none of them are accurate. We are all faced with this question, ‘what makes you better?’ As we were about to answer, a picture on the screen randomly showed up…

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

A simple maternity picture, but it is so much more

In June of 2013, a couple came into our studio, said that they saw our work, liked it and want to do maternity & newborn sessions. A week later they came in and we photographed Mr. V, Miss L. and Miss A.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

However, it wasn’t until about a month later where all of us realized that relations which began over a simple maternity session will eventually grow into something wonderful. It was this little guy, Mr E. who allowed this magic connection to occur.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

Mr. E also demonstrated his muscular physique.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

Three months later, Mr. E came back to us to show of his modeling skills.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

This time he came back with amazing smiles that never stopped lighting up our studio

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

He continued showing of his upper body strength.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY (no photoshop)

Lo & Behold

…its Cake Smash Time…

June of 2014

Mr. E. Turns…

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brooklyn, NY


It was the rapport, the relationship, the bond, that we established on the first day we met which allowed us to see this little angel grow, bring happiness to people around him… and we were there to capture it.

Every event, every portrait session that we photograph, our responsibility is to freeze the moments.

We capture moments that are gone forever and impossible to reproduce.

We preserve them for years to come.

“Why You?” – because if not for the relationships that we establish and treasure, you would have never heard about us.