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NYC Newborn Photographer | Harry Potter Themed Newborn Session

Customized Newborn Session… that’s always the goal for all of our sessions. This was no exception 🙂 I’ll tell ya’ the truth, I’m familiar with Harry Potter but between running the business and having four kids, I’ve never had an opportunity to read any of the Harry Potter books nor watch any of the movies….

ADRIAN | Dr. Seuss | Rustic Garden for Boys | NYC Family Photography Studio

Why fit in when YOU were born to stand out? Many moons ago, a little man, by the name of Adrian was born. He brought smiles and tears of joy to his family. His presence, rocked the world around him We had a pleasure of meeting Adrian, when he was 8 days young. He came…

My Continued Growth as a Photographer

A Continued Journey As a photographer, artist, and business owner, I have learned that a professional should never stop growing. Though I have been a newborn photographer for many years, there are always new things to learn, new creations to create, and new opportunities to grow. Throughout my career, I have taken steps to ensure…