Newborn Photography – Picture Perfect NY New York City Maternity, Baby and Newborn Photography Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:07:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Brooklyn Baby Photography / Cutie Pie Package Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:07:24 +0000 We usually do newborn baby photography when baby is fourteen days old or under, but this newborn photography session was a little different because baby was eight weeks old. Some photographers won’t schedule a session with a baby past that optimal two-week time. Why? It’s mostly because certain shots are hard or impossible to get once you pass the two-week mark. For example, there are certain poses that older babies just aren’t flexible enough to do once they’re over two weeks. It’s also harder to get sleeping baby pictures.

If you’ve left it a bit late scheduling your baby photography session, don’t worry. We’ll never turn a little one away because of age. As long as we have an opening at our Brooklyn photography studio it’s totally possible to get a beautiful gallery of newborn images. You and your little one can still have an amazing session, as you can see from the photos of this adorable baby girl and her parents.

nyc baby photography parents holding newborn baby's hands

new york baby photographer, parents holding new daughter

brooklyn ny newborn photos, baby girl swaddled in center of floral wreath

newborn photography nyc, wakeful smiling baby girl in pink and white

This little sweetheart was wide awake the whole time. She had great eye contact and the best expressions! She was all smiles and wide eyes, and did absolutely great! These photos are a great example of the variety of images you can get with older newborn baby photography. Even though they’re different from a typical newborn session, they are gorgeous, unique, and capture this little darling perfectly.

We’re so glad these parents contacted us about doing a baby photography session for their older newborn. The session went without a hitch and they now have beautiful images of their precious daughter that they can treasure forever.

brooklyn baby photography

newborn baby photographer new york, smiling baby in swaddle

Picture Perfect NY Photography provides multiple options for baby photography, so you can choose the package that best fits your family’s needs. Check out pricing details here, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!



Newborn Family Session | Full Family Session Thu, 11 Jul 2019 02:20:07 +0000 This week, on our studio news, I’d like to talk about little dude, named Easton.

Here’s the good, the bad and ugly :). We like animals, we like pets. Both before and after we got married, Angela and I used to have pets… dogs, parrots, fish and all require lots of time and TLC. We now have four kids, so no time for pets. In our studio, we welcome pets however, few things we need to consider before pets come in. First, pet owners need to be able to control the pet while not being photographed. Second, once we are done with 4 legged family member, its better to take the one into the carrier or walk in the park for few hrs. Last, but not least, we need to consider the next clients (are they allergic to animals?), do we have time between current session and next to clean with hydrogen peroxide such as Lysol. It seems like a “line” but its the reality, we aren’t just about photographing and making a living, we care about safety of the children, adults and of course quality of the final product.

Easton came with his parents and family best friend. As with all of our newborn sessions, parents choose a package that best suits their needs. Based on that information, we schedule the session with adequate time and a little bit of buffer in case we need it. Based on that information, we formulate the plan, the workflow of the session and modify/improvise if need be. Even at young age, such as 11days or so, babies choose which poses they want or don’t want to do.

We started out with famous froggy pose. It typically dictates how the session would go. Being one of the hardest poses, if the baby does do the froggy, chances are  little one in other poses as well.

…and froggy we got.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

After series of images on this backdrop we changed it up and moved on.

Easton was doing a great job and an angelic inspiration came over… we got this pose and love the results that we able to capture.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

As good as he was, there were moments during the session when sleeping was far from his mind, but being very contempt, we managed to proceed and capture images open eyes

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

From then on, we changed the background and began incorporating additional accessories 🙂 such as his best friend.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

The Creative Prop Scene which was chosen by the parents was Easton in the bed with his guard protecting him.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

We finished of the session with a family picture, where everyone, all four members of the family were photographed

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

No such thing as a perfect session, like many there are some with challenges and often it is child’s temperament. We, the parents and photography/post-production crew, together overcame the challenges and were able to deliver a wonderful selection of images to be shared and treasured for years to come.

NYC Newborn Zachary | Gone Fishing? Sun, 07 Jul 2019 14:18:01 +0000 Sometime ago, while coming up with perfect packages for the newborn sessions, we really wanted to emphasize importance of creative prop scenes. Over the years, we found that many parents want to bring something very personal into their session. Whether parents are fans of Anime cartoons, or members of emergency services, we attempt to have specific goal/theme for every newborn session…. working with Zachary, wasn’t much different.

Prior to scheduling the actual session, mommy mentioned that Zach’s father is into fishing and asked if its possible to incorporate it as apart of the session. At that moment, I was in the middle of editing a session with a beach scene and would think that it’s possible to utilize it for fishing. After few emails to answer questions and hammer out details, we scheduled the session and started preparing for it. Angela, G-d bless her, took the whole fishing theme to the next level :)~

The parents chose our Royal Baby Package and we started…

The session began with Classic and Elegant poses.


professional newborn baby photography new york city

professional newborn baby photography new york city


professional newborn baby photography new york city

We then proceeded to family. Although I’m demonstrating the group family images, we did combinations with each parent, as well as more personal family pictures

professional newborn baby photography new york city

professional newborn baby photography new york city

And finally, we finished the session with props. We used the bowl for one of them and of course, Main Event Theme, FISHING 🙂

professional newborn baby photography new york city


professional newborn baby photography new york city

Throughout the session, Zach did a phenomenal job debuting his modeling skills.

Newborn Baby Portraits by Bensonhurst Newborn photographer Mon, 01 Jul 2019 02:47:24 +0000 Newborn Photographer Brooklyn, NY

It was such a dream being the newborn photographer for this beautiful Brooklyn, NY family! Mom contacted us while she was still pregnant as she was looking for a photographer for their little one when he arrives. Mom initially was looking for a newborn photographer that was near her location for convenience and she had found us on google. Our work and reviews attracted her and she decided to contact us. We are so glad she did!

This family opted for our Royal baby package which is our most popular packages. They choose to use baby blue, cremes, and beige colors for their session. Dad immediately fell in love with our car prop which we used and mom loved the bed.  During the session he  was very sleepy but just as we got the bed prop he had an awake moment. Since he was very content we proceeded with photographing him on the bed prop and I am glad we did because he gave us such sweet expressions. As a newborn photographer, I love capturing those beautiful baby eyes and cute expressions!  I just about wanted to keep the little guy as his hair was to die for and he was just so adorable! You can view a sneak peak from the session below.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer near your location, please consider Picture Perfect NY. The photography studio is conveniently located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn , and we serve much of NY tri state area and the surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Newborn Baby Portraits | Picture Perfect NY New York

Many faces of NEWBORN | Newborn Photographers In NYC Fri, 31 May 2019 17:39:40 +0000 I had a session recently and grandmother asked me what makes child photography different then events. Although there are many differences, one major is authenticity. A child, doesn’t hide his/her emotions, when a child is happy – she smiles, when the child is upset – he’ll cry; children are authentic and it shines through the images. According to most research, children start smiling around the age of two months, anything before that is just a reflex. As newborn photographers, we get smiles and other expressions.

Newborn Photographers In NYC

Have I mentioned that these look so much better, in my opinion, in black and white versus color? If not, well, then they do, especially when we print them through our pro-labs. Speaking of No Color, check out this entry.

For as long as I remember, I had a warm place in my heart of women and men who are in military and/or first responders, so when we can incorporate these careers into the session, it adds a lot of sentimental value not just to the session its self but to overall experience for the parents and us as well.

Newborn Photographers In NYC

Not to leave out the finest details, then there are Classic Elegant Expressions and Poses.

Newborn Photographers In NYCNewborn Photographers In NYC

Welcome Gabriella ~ NYC Newborn Photography Wed, 29 May 2019 03:22:58 +0000 Newborn Photographer / Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Welcome Gabriella

Sweet Gabriella was in the studio just a few weeks ago. She was great for her session as well as her big sister. We caught some really cute photos of her and her big sister together as we know how important it is for parents to have those sentiments!

We did some very neutral setups with some added blush pink for added color. We photographed big sister as a newborn a few years ago as well and its such a compliment when parents come back to capture a new addition to the family. We did a little spring set up for Gabriella as she was a spring baby 🙂 It was so exciting as it was a new prop and setup we have not done in the studio before. We loved the way it turned out and its great when parents allow us to get creative 🙂

nyc newborn photographynyc newborn photographynyc baby portraitsnewborn photography new york citynewborn photography new york citynewborn photography new york city

Picture Perfect NY Photography is a premier photographer serving New York City and the Tri state area. We specializes in Maternity, Newborns, Baby and Family sessions as well as event photography. To book a session with Picture Perfect NY Photography or to get more information about a session, fill out the contact information HERE.

About the Newborn Session Thu, 16 May 2019 23:55:36 +0000 As with every profession, ones who provide the service understand terminology while consumers typically don’t. In recent weeks, I’ve found that most clients typically don’t understand what some things are… To eliminate this misconceptions and misunderstandings, we decided to write this quick blog explaining different components of a newborn session.

There are Simple images. Baby is naked, privates aren’t shown, baby can be positioned into squishy and curled up poses . Contrary to the name, these aren’t simple to accomplish, baby is never forced into any specific pose or is uncomfortable. This is why it is so important that a newborn session is scheduled within first 14 days of birth as babies are still flexible and are able to be molded into poses as they were curled up so tight in the womb. We go from one post to the next, to maximize efficiency of the session and get the most out of it.

newborn photography queens nynewborn photography queens nynewborn photography brooklynElegance… these are the images where the baby is wrapped or has an outfit. These are limited to few poses but are important part of the gallery. Putting on the outfit, requires extra stimulation on the baby and might prevent little one from sleeping. Since we need the baby to sleep, we keep the Elegance to the minimum. However, elegant images are a life saver when the baby isn’t the best of sleeper and/or older baby, having the little one wrapped allows him/her to be calm and contempt, thus giving us an opportunity to capture the images that we can even if they are awake.

newborn photography queens nynewborn photography brooklyn

Creative images, the prop scenes, are part of Cutie Pie and Royal Baby. This is where the baby is placed into something, a prop. Some of the more popular scenes is a heart bowl & floral wreath. We often get new props and display those on our social media feed (facebook and instagram). At other times, we take the creative props to the next level with even more elaborate scenarios and more creative post production. At the end of the time we try to keep it timeless and have the focus on the baby. At times we take it one step further based on parents requests like seen below the Harry Potter setup.

nyc newborn photographerNew York City Newborn and Family Photographynyc newborn photographer harry potter themes set

newborn photography queens ny

Family and parent/siblings combinations.

A part of me remembers well when my kids were born and how I felt holding them. However, when daily reality sets in and further I am removed from that day, looking back on the images I have of me with my kids, allows me to relieve those moments. Therefore, I am a huge believer and lover of family pictures. Sometimes parents don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera, at which there’s plan B 🙂 – the hands. Again the idea is to capture the bond. Last but not least, the bond of the siblings. As long as the older sibling cooperates, we can accomplish these images and capture the start of the forever bond.

NYC family photographernewborn baby photography

nyc newborn photographer

Happy Graduation – From Newborn to First Birthday Tue, 23 Apr 2019 02:08:46 +0000 Happy Graduation.

Recently, I was asked if I prefer to photograph more weddings or children. The truth is, I like both but for very different reasons. I like weddings for spontaneity of the life event and I enjoy working with kids b/c children are unpredictable and hundred percent authentic. Child will smile when is happy, cry when is sad. Child rarely can fake the emotion and what we get is genuine reactions. Its this unpredictability that is both fun and is a big challenge we face at every session.

Meet Avery, he first joined us when he was a newborn. He allowed us to create multiple variety of poses, we used a bucket prop with teddy bear.

newborn photography nycnewborn photography nyc

newborn photography nyc

We were excited to learn that parents were happy with the results and they signed up for watch me grow / milestone plan. With milestone sessions, those are mini sessions, where we concentrate on, as it says, child’s milestone. At times we’d use a prop if scene calls it, at others we wouldn’t.

A three month session, though called 3 months, actually takes place when the baby is around 3.5-4months. By this time, child’s neck muscles are stronger and he/she can pull them selves into tummy-time efficiently.

For his three month session, we used teddy bear scene, a reflection of his newborn prop, and placed him on the moon. I like when kids cuddle up in the moon and fall asleep, it allows us an opportunity to create some really beautiful images.

newborn photography nycnewborn photography nycnewborn photography nyc

On the six-months milestone, when again takes place when the baby is b/n 6.5-7months, we were around the holiday season, thus decided to incorporate it. Contrary to typical Santa pictures, where kids are hysterical and are crying, our Santa is ultra-harmless, kids don’t even know he is there 🙂

newborn photography nycbaby photography nycbaby photography nyc

For the Nine months session, we were around the Valentine’s Day. Once again, we took advantage of it. This time, Avery was doing a great job sitting and even was able to stand on the ladder for us to get few shots in.

baby photography nycbaby photography nycbaby photography nyc

First Birthday, the Big Graduation. Seeing my kids (my milestoners) grow is a pleasure. Over the year, we bond with the parents, we establish trust, an understanding, rarely have these connections been fruitless. This time, is no different.

First, I’d like to thank Avery’s father, a member of USA Armed Forces for his services, dedication to his country and to his family. Our members of military sacrifice every second of their lives so the rest of us can stay home with our family, feel comfortable in our Pjs and scream at TV news political leaders for work they do. Sir, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

One of those sacrifices, is that Avery’s dad was unable to make it for his first birthday session. We started First Birthday Full Session with family: the concentration here is the bond between child and the parent.

baby photography nycbaby photography nyc

We the proceeded to Pre-Cake set. We realized a while back, that great majority of the children don’t like the cake and half of those HATE IT or are afraid of it.

baby photography nyc

Minority of the children ok with cake being in the frame and small handful of kids dive hear first. Therefore, having pre-cake setup the same as the cake-smash setup is a monumental benefit for the session, since this cake, the feature of the session, the MAIN EVENT – so to speak, is the reason why parents come to our studio. After few minutes and variety of clean shots, we introduce the cake and sagway into cake-smash portion of the session.


baby photography nyc

Session ends with bath time, where a child is placed in the bathtub, that is size appropriate for pictures.

First Birthday Full Session runs up to an hour and majority of the time finishes within 45 minutes. We don’t waste time discussing outfits or any other details, because that has already taken place. We only spend time on feeding the baby, if needs be, photographing and changing the scenes.

On another personal note, I’d like to thank Chenade for an outstanding job she does as a mom. It is a tiresome journey, studying for school, taking cake of the baby, awaiting and missing her husband while he is serving his country and protecting his family.

Thank You for allowing us an opportunity to get to know you, work with Avery and capture his special moments.  If you are interested in having a newborn or baby photography session in the greater New York City area, contact us today for more information.

Anime | NYC Newborn Photographer | Cambodian LORD Mon, 01 Apr 2019 00:01:53 +0000 Oh the INSANITY!!!!

Few weeks ago, I got a call from, a well polite male voice on the other end of the line saying, and I’m paraphrasing, that he has a baby boy who is four weeks old and he, the father, is looking for a very specific shot. In situations like these, there are few red flags: (1) possible unrealistic expectations from the parents (2) baby is already 4 weeks old while typical newborn session takes place b/n 7-16days. Even though I’m a photographer, I’m also a parent, I also understand that not every parent knows about 2 week-mark… We talked and emailed each other and were set on the date.

As with every session, we never know how it will go… When this family first came in, we were met with most genuine, kindest people. We discussed, reconfirmed the details of the Cutie Pie newborn session.

As expected, we weren’t about to get every post we would typically want to get from a newborn session b/c Kyri Reign didn’t want to. By the way, Kyri means LORD in Cambodian, just thought it was a really unique fact. However, the shots that we did get was amazing. One of my favorite was the two best friends, the two amigos, the BROTHERS!!!

That priceless smile, the bond that starts at such early age will lasts a lifetime.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Although parents didn’t want to be in pictures, we managed to get them involved in the session nonetheless.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Since the whole idea for this session was about anime theme, parents made sure to bring the necessary outfit and we were able to use it efficiently.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Kyri, being an older baby, was spying on us through most of the session, making sure that we are doing the right thing.

NYC Newborn Photographer

And as we finished the session Kyri Reign opened his eyes and… the picture worth a thousands words.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Newborn Session – Props Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:58:34 +0000 A common question during the newborn session is “what is a prop scene’. Props, are something that baby is placed into or on to. Setting up a prop scene, posing the baby properly and capturing the moment is a time consuming process that hopefully has a good pay off. Safety of the baby always comes first and either an assistant or a parents would always spot the baby!  On occasion some props can also be done as a composite for the purposes of safety of the baby!We encourage parents to share their ideas prior to the session, as it sometimes can take months to find and/or create a prop scene of their choice. Regardless of how much preparation parents and us do, sessions are dictated by baby’s temperament. Here, I’d like to show off some of the props and behind the scene difficulties getting those moments.

As with all the props, baby needs to be sleeping well. This allows us to pose the baby accurately. As can be see in this heart bowl, the little one is out cold 🙂 we were able to pose, adjust the post accordingly and capture the moment.

nyc newborn photography her baby in the heartThe Bed, is another popular prop, just as above, can be done with both boys and girls. This is one variation of the bed, where baby, preferred to be sleeping. However, if the little one isn’t complete out, we can still capture this moment.

nyc newborn photographer baby in the bed

The Car, is one of my favorite props, for girls it is pink and for boys its white. The baby definitely, needs to be sleeping and cannot be done if the little one is awake and moving around.

nyc newborn photography

Floral Reath, is another of my favorites, often done during spring and fall seasons. Since we can snuggle the little one, baby doesn’t have to be sleeping but would be better if the little one does.

new york city newborn photographyDuring Holiday Newborn Sessions, we try to customize the scenes and make them a bit more personal and mieaningful. Here, the little boy is in a bucket, surrounded by apples and honey, customary eaten during Rosh Hashanah, a Jew New Year.

NYC Tri-State Newborn Photographer | Picture Perfect NY

This is a classic. Few years ago we had parents who asked about incorporating the music theme into prop setup. The father is a fan of classic rock and plays on guitar. For their session, he brought his acoustic guitar and we used it. This time around, it was baby number two, and we once again use the similar theme, however set it a little different to allow variety and individuality to both children.

nyc newborn photographer guitarrock classic music

Not all family members are of human kind. We encourage and enjoy to use pets as props but few things need to be considered and in discussing, emphasize the importance. First, the pet need to be trained, granted that no one can guarantee anything, but a pet needs to be trained, owners need to be able to take control of it and as soon as we’re done with that portion, they need to take the pet out of the studio. At first, most parents feel resentment, but as we continue to explain, we need come relaxed environment when working with you newborn child and when concentrated on task at hand, pets can sneak up and/or bark and when not used to, can startle not just adults but also the newborn. Second, the session after, might have a family member or a child who is allergic to pets. Therefore, too keep things fair for everyone, we have to enforce these rules. Those two choose to opt out, do so, but those who understand and follow accordingly, allow us to produce beautiful family images.

baby photography new york

brooklyn baby photographer


On several occasion, the prop scenes are done in post production. In those situations, we consider first and foremost, baby’s safety followed by baby’s comfort. Parents know that the final images are done in post production. Since we need to consider lighting, pose, depth of field, reference point, focus points, colors, exposures, etc etc, creating prop scenes in post production is significantly harder and extremely time consuming process. However, at the end, it allows us to create looks that we’d otherwise wouldn’t be able to create.


Here, a father is a fan of motorcycles, and for him, we were able to create this prop scene.

Newborn baby boy on the motorcycle chopper with American Flag

Newborn baby boy on the motorcycle chopper with American Flag


Parents are Harry Potter fans and we used magic to create this theme.

nyc newborn photographer harry potter themes set


As a parent first and photographer second, my goal is to have the most successful session possible, to eliminate as many variables as we can, encourage parents to follow the prep guide and hope that on the day of the session, the little baby is happy and allows us to do everything we plan to do.