Frequently Asked Questions

The Studio is located in Gravesend is a neighborhood in the south-central section of the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

There is street parking and metered parking available.

How do I book a session?  A retainer must be paid in order to get a date on the calendar. You can either pay online by sending us an email where we will send you an invoice or you are welcome to come to our studio.

What are your hours of operation? We work by appointment only. So if you would like to set up a time to discuss details about a session or an event, gladly give us a call.

What is your availability and how far in advance should I book?  Newborns: We suggest that you book your session before the baby arrives (but may still be able to accommodate you if you call after they are born) – we pencil you in for your due date and keep a few dates available the weeks surrounding your due date. Newborns should be photographed within the first 14 days of life. Maternity sessions usually take place between 30-36 weeks. or our potential  Wedding clients we suggest booking at least 6 months in advance. You can gladly call us for availability.

What should I wear? For all sessions, co-ordination and comfort work best. Wear clothing that reflects who you are. Avoid busy patterns or stripes. Black tops are desirable for some classic indoor shots. ***Maternity*** We offer different wraps & scarves in the studio that we can use for the session or you can bring your own. Clothing for your maternity session should be tight-fitting around the belly. Loose and baggy clothes will hide your belly – don’t hide it, be proud of it!! Keep your clothing choices simple.

What is your turn around time?  It takes up to 30 days for the editing process.

Typically, how long does a session last? It’s so hard to predict how long a newborn session might last, so we suggest that on the day of your session you have no other appointments. We allocate up to 3 hours to allow plenty of time for feeding, calming, changing, etc. We want to make sure you get the best images possible so don’t rush the session! Other, Non-Newborn sessions typically last about 1-2 hours.  Never underestimate and always bring extra of everything 🙂 (food, diapers, snacks, etc..)

Why must a newborn session take place within a 14 day time period?  After about 10 days, newborns start to become more awake, stretch out of their curly womb-like poses, are more prone to baby acne, and much harder to pose in peaceful sleepy shots.

What sort of props/accessories do you have? I am admittedly a bit of a prop addict! I have loads of cute hats (for boys and girls), headbands, blankets, backdrops (antique tin, damask wallpaper,  etc.), and props such as baskets, vintage crates, chairs, trucks, Cinderella carriage, etc. You are welcome to use any of our props for your session and we also encourage you to bring any personal items you’d like included.

What kind of light do you use? Do you use natural light? Our studio utilizes strobes the majority of the time. We aren’t limited by the time of the day and/or the weather conditions.

What kind of photographic equipment do you use?  We use top of the line Nikon cameras, lenses, and flashes. At every portrait session (in the studio or on-location) at least two full sets of gear are present. Our goal is to document your session (and/or event) thus we make sure that we are ready to do so.

How many megapixels is your camera? All of our acting cameras are over 12 megapixels (MPs). However, the number of MPs is truly irrelevant once going over 8mp, because a 16″x20″ print requires 5mps while 24″-36″ requires 7-8mps.

On the event: What makes us stand out? First and foremost punctuality – out standard is to arrive on location at least 20-30 min. before the start time to set up and photograph various details; on average, however, we are at the event about 40-60 minutes before the start. GEAR: every piece of gear such as camera, lenses, flashes, continuous lights all have backups along with extra batteries and chargers. Along with the camera bag, there are also strobe lights. Depending on the venue, we use 2-4 strobe lights: i.e. Staten Island Hilton, we use 4 strobe lights strategically positioned to illuminate the foreground and background while in  New York Midtown Hilton we use 9 strobes. The disadvantage of the lighting gear is the extra weight; however, the advantage is the consistency in the illumination of the picture,  the color, and overall quality. Post Processing: we found that there is no one best program for editing, thus we utilize various elements from different software to create the final product.