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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! No, not the one where we made another circle around the sun but other one – the moon lol Happy Lunar New Year, more popularly known as Happy Chinese New Year. I’ll be first to admit, that I don’t know, rather didn’t know much about this topic until I started researching it. Now, I’m sure someone who is reading this will correct me and/or tell me that I’m totally wrong, however, I’d like to take few minutes or rather few sentences to describe the celebration: One of the customs is to clean the house – as in get rid of the ill-fortune that has been around and make room for the blessings to come. Praying/honoring ‘Higher Beings’ I’ve found over the years, that in society where we are ultra politically correct, saying G-O-D might be frowned upon, so Higher Being it is :). Family dinner is A big part of the celebration, a chance for everyone to come together, celebrate each other’s company and greet the incoming Year. During this dinner, Red Envelopes are gifted with money, to signify good luck and good fortune for the receiver. The holiday, although called Chinese New Year is celebrated amongst many Asian Cultures with variations to A specific area. By the way, the info was at the most reliable website – wiki

Why would Portrait Photography Studio write and/or care about Chinese New Year? – Simple 🙂 It is because we encourage cultural integration into our sessions. We encourage making sessions sessions to be unique for the families, we encourage sessions to be personal. Over the last 10 years, we’ve had many Asian clients but not many were part of our Watch Me Grow Family. We’ve done series of blogs on Watch Me Grow, and you can check those in the archives. This session is a bit different.

We’ve worked with Clair since she was under 2 months young. Parents didn’t know about the newborn stage SO we started a few weeks later. Fast Forward, she’s now 6 months and is mastering her sitting which happens to be one of the milestones for this stage. It’s the season of Chinese / Lunar New Year . This will be her third visit to our Brooklyn, Bensonhurst studio. With all of our sessions, parents are strongly encouraged to participate and help us get baby’s attention and expressions. Well, this time – work THEY did :). We just loved how all the details in this session came together!

We got great images, happy smiles and another successful session in the books.

chinese new year baby photography session in Brooklyn, NYC

Clair surrounded by red envelopes, oranges and lanterns. Mom also hand made her little dragon.

To learn more about us or packages that we offer, please visit our website here.

3 Tips for Taking Better Baby Pictures at Home https://pictureperfectny.com/2020/01/20/3-tips-for-taking-better-baby-pictures-at-home/ Mon, 20 Jan 2020 16:57:41 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79307 3 Tips for Taking Better Baby Pictures at Home

Want to learn how to take better baby pictures? While there’s no replacement for professional baby photography, you can’t bring your little one to the studio every day. But you can learn to take better baby pictures yourself at home.

Use Good Lighting to Take Better Baby Pictures

Natural lighting is best for at-home baby photography. Turn off the lights and open the curtains for natural illumination. It’s helpful to only open the curtains on one window, to minimize light from other sources.

Overcast days are ideal, since the light is soft. If the light is bright, just position your little one farther away from the light source, or use sheer curtains to filter the rays.

affordable nyc newborn photographyThe kitchen corner. For the purposes of this demonstration I chose this area because it would allow me show few points. This is a bad light: light is coming from the outside (ambient light), it is overly diffused by the shutters, making it have a horrible fall off. When used for purposes of photographing the kids, it would do more disservice to the child then anything else.

affordable nyc newborn photography

Better light. Opened the window shutter and allow the light in. It is softer then above, more spread onto the wall. Would require different camera settings where image would be brighter but as far as quality of the light goes, it is better.

The best possible light in this situation. I’ve opened the shutters about half way, directing it onto the wall where #1 I had softness and had direction of where and how I wanted it to fall.

affordable nyc newborn photographyI pointed the camera at my son and took the shot. The camera saw LIGHT from the window and expected it be well lit (well exposed). When my son entered the scene, camera didn’t adjust for me, making the scene and him dark.

affordable nyc baby photography

Here, I’ve told the camera to 1) concentrate on the face and 2) push the exposure. The result, his face is well exposed but his right side of the face is a bit hotter (over exposed) while the rest of him is “good enough”. For the purposes of demonstrating good light/vs bad light, above images were photographed w/o giving any direction on how to pose.

Position Your Baby Correctly for Pictures

Position your baby at an angle to the light so that it falls at the side of their head, highlighting their features. If baby is facing the light directly, your photo will have a flat effect. And if baby’s back is to the light, their face is in shadow.

If your baby is too young to sit or be propped up for a photo, you can still get adorable baby pictures with them lying on their back. In this case, make sure their head–not their feet–points toward the light.

baby photography nyc

Once I found the location where I want to photograph and I found the light: quality and quantity, I brought my youngest son to take few test shots. I took this angle to demonstrate where the window was w/ respect to him. I would not use this image as a photograph I would keep as this angle w/ respect to the light, doesn’t flatter him.

get baby photos taken

I changed my camera angle again and took few shots of him. These are straight out of the camera, you can see electrical outlet, the fire extinguisher (safety first). The point again is to demonstrate good quality light: soft light on the face, with one side of the face fully exposed and left side (in this case) about 1/3-2/3, thus taking three dimensional subject, placing into 2-D medium and representing 3-D view. Had the image been edited: colors, contrast, crop. Dimensional view would be visible but the rest of the imperfections of the portraits (mentioned above) would be edited out.

Take Your Baby Pictures from the Best Angle

Always photograph from above, not below. This holds true for better baby pictures whether baby is sitting up or lying down. Hold your camera so you are taking the photograph down baby’s face, not up it, to make your baby picture look properly proportioned.

Here, I took a good light, that we’ve discussed above, but bad bad BaaaaaD angle. I lowered the camera at around waist level, and told him to turn away from the light. Result was overemphasized midsection, right side of the fast looking bigger then in really is, thus making him look overweight.

Quick fix: raised the camera few inches above eye level, had his face turned towards the light with LEFT side of his facing (side that is closer to the face) getting a bit of light, emphasizing his facial features without adding extra weight.

For the purposes of posing, young children under about age of 5-6, rules of posing are the same, where older children, rules vary by feminine vs masculine pose. These rules are guidelines that have been used by artists for over 3oo years in creating portraits. All of the images above can be photographed with a phone or a camera.

The last image, would be a good starting point. Phone or camera, the next step to improve the images would be to ad a reflector. A DIY reflector is a piece of white printer paper near left side of the face that would fill in the shadows. Another, would be turning on kitchen lights – but this would introduce different color light which created a slew of other problems that can be fixed by either manually setting white balance or making image black/white. Adding external flashes and/or light modifiers would be another gigantic step to further improving this image but most people at home do not have access to such equipment.

With these 3 tips, it’s easy to take better baby pictures at home. It’s still a great idea to invest in professional baby photography for newborn photos and milestone occasions, but for everyday, at-home baby photography, you can capture memories with your little one in beautiful, DIY images.

Teddy Bear Picnic Themed First Birthday Photoshoot https://pictureperfectny.com/2020/01/16/teddy-bear-picnic-themed-first-birthday-photoshoot/ Fri, 17 Jan 2020 01:57:23 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79304 We first met this little guy at our Holiday ExtravagaBalooza or whatever those three days were… three days of non-stop meeting new people, smiling, laughing and capturing special holidays memories. Johnny was amazing, that I ever wrote it in bold letters. His parents decided to give it another go for his first birthday session.

Mommy chose Teddy Bead Picnic theme. Although we have a lot of different themes and backgrounds, we do encourage families for something unique and special… we’ll gladly do it if it is plausible and this Little Bear was one of those plausible. I got to the studio about 2.5 hrs before the actual session. If  Angela and I were there together, getting to the studio an hour before would have been more then sufficient but when I go alone, I like extra extra time. And started setting up, piece by piece, detail by detail. Once the set was ready to go, I got the camera out, got lights on and started playing with lights and settings and see what I can do unique for this session. Finally, I look at the clock and I have over an hour to wait – ok so it’s a new theme and I was nervous that would need extra time; better be over prepared then under.

Finally, our model arrived. Mommy chose the mini session, of just Johnny alone, she also baked her own cake. C’mon, if you’re bringing your own cake, you have to bring tea & coffee. We started with pre-cake, clean images

manhattan ny cake smash photographer

manhattan ny newborn photographer

After few minutes of getting AWESOME shots, we introduced the cake and this dude RIPPED through it like a hungry bulldozer.

manhattan ny first birthday photographer

manhattan ny baby photographer

It’s rare to see little kids going To ToooWN on the cake like this, but he did and I couldn’t be more happier to have our studio participate in this occasion and capture these special moments for the family. Thank You SO MUCH for choosing Picture Perfect NY. We had a B L A S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooklyn Baby Photography / Cutie Pie Package https://pictureperfectny.com/2020/01/08/brooklyn-baby-photography-cutie-pie-package/ Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:07:24 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79273 We usually do newborn baby photography when baby is fourteen days old or under, but this newborn photography session was a little different because baby was eight weeks old. Some photographers won’t schedule a session with a baby past that optimal two-week time. Why? It’s mostly because certain shots are hard or impossible to get once you pass the two-week mark. For example, there are certain poses that older babies just aren’t flexible enough to do once they’re over two weeks. It’s also harder to get sleeping baby pictures.

If you’ve left it a bit late scheduling your baby photography session, don’t worry. We’ll never turn a little one away because of age. As long as we have an opening at our Brooklyn photography studio it’s totally possible to get a beautiful gallery of newborn images. You and your little one can still have an amazing session, as you can see from the photos of this adorable baby girl and her parents.

nyc baby photography parents holding newborn baby's hands

new york baby photographer, parents holding new daughter

brooklyn ny newborn photos, baby girl swaddled in center of floral wreath

newborn photography nyc, wakeful smiling baby girl in pink and white

This little sweetheart was wide awake the whole time. She had great eye contact and the best expressions! She was all smiles and wide eyes, and did absolutely great! These photos are a great example of the variety of images you can get with older newborn baby photography. Even though they’re different from a typical newborn session, they are gorgeous, unique, and capture this little darling perfectly.

We’re so glad these parents contacted us about doing a baby photography session for their older newborn. The session went without a hitch and they now have beautiful images of their precious daughter that they can treasure forever.

brooklyn baby photography

newborn baby photographer new york, smiling baby in swaddle

Picture Perfect NY Photography provides multiple options for baby photography, so you can choose the package that best fits your family’s needs. Check out pricing details here, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!



NYC Maternity in-Doors | Mini Session https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/12/14/nyc-maternity-in-doors-mini-session/ Sun, 15 Dec 2019 01:39:50 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79245 We often photograph maternity sessions outdoors. In truth its easier…. there, the secret is out lol. Outdoor maternity sessions are easier, different but easier because the environment adds a lot of flavor to the image. However, the art of lighting and posing and composition comes in very handy when the weather is bad, which is currently freezing in NYC, and we move the session inside the studio. One of the things that I love when working in-doors it allows me an opportunity to Photo-Graph (aka Create the image with light). This particular  session, was a Maternity Mini Session where we incorporated the whole family.

family maternity nyc photographer

Maybe I’m biased, but this image speaks a lot with me. It shows this beautiful mommy surrounded by her boys, as they are expecting their new, surprise family addition.


The moment right before the fireworks start flying 🙂 The Pre-Kissssss

nyc maternity session expecting parents


Even though the session was concentrated on incorporating Mama’s Boys, we can’t and shouldn’t forget about mommy’s solo images.

About 15 years ago I fell in love with black and white photography. Although, it seems simple to press a button and convert an image to BW and/or grayscale, in actuality, photographing and editing with intent to be BW is a bit different then color images. And this happens to be one of those examples.

maternity nyc black-white photographerThe window image high key curtain, has become on of the most poplar requests with our studio and we gladly oblige.

maternity session nyc photographer in front of the window

Last but not least, the HIGH KEY images. As the saying goes, “When in Rome…” lol when you have a model that is willing to have fun during her session 🙂 we have fun. Creating simple classic/timeless images is what I love to do best and I can do it over and over again and it never gets old 🙂 if you are expecting and would like to document this special time feel free to contact us!

maternity photographer nyc high key



DUMBO Brooklyn Family Photographer https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/10/14/dumbo-brooklyn-family-photographer/ Mon, 14 Oct 2019 14:25:32 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79220 One of the most exciting parts of being a DUMBO family photographer is being able of capture a family’s love and energy, this family was no exception! It as such a pleasure to capture baby Olivia and her parents. Olivia was 6 months at this session and she as such a happy baby. She missed her nap that day and we really didn’t know what to expect but she did wonderfully.  Mia was such a doll baby who was very chilled and calm throughout her entire session and gave us many smiles for her portraits with her parents. We were also very luck with the weather as it was a cloudy day and rescheduling was hardly an option since the forecast predicted rain for the rest of the week. Olivia’s parents were also very easy going and we were able to smoothly get through the session which you can easily see by their photos. It was perfect timing as we were doing some final images it started to drizzle.

family photographer nycfamily photographer nycfamily photographer nycfamily photographer nycfamily photographer in nyc dumbo

NYC family photography is about genuinely capturing a families connection .  We photograph in many different locations around the NYC area and DUMBO is one of our favorite locations as it has so much history and scenery. If posed studio portraits are more of your style  we can do that as well at our Brooklyn Studio location.

If you would like more information or would like to book your NYC family photography session you can click here

Schedule Your 2019 NYC Holiday Photos! https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/09/19/schedule-your-2019-nyc-holiday-photos/ Thu, 19 Sep 2019 23:43:08 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79196 It’s That time of year again for some HOLIDAY PHOTOS

It’s that time of the year. Mid September where everything in stores is beginning to look a lot like the holidays. It’s time for HOLIDAY PHOTOS.  Yes, I know but Halloween hasn’t arrived yet so why should you be thinking about Holiday photos:) Well simple, you want to get those cards out in time and make sure everything is perfectly sound. We do our holiday session early November to be perfectly in schedule so you can mail them out in December!

This year we will again have three different studio set ups to choose from! Both will be done in our Brooklyn studio.

One Set up will be more formal with a distressed brown barnwood, and beautiful white,gold, and red accents, including the gorgeous settee .

Set up two will be a fun more rustic/barn doors set up .This session can be more playful, children can wear their holiday PJ or get dressed up, what ever you prefer.

Set up three will be a winter wonderland which is an all white/snow. We do a different version of this every year an it’s a hit!

There are two session options $200 for 14-20 minutes of shooting time and 5 hi-res images included or $350 for 30 minutes , 10 hi-res images included. Both will have an option to purchase additional images at $35 per image.  $100 deposit is required to hold your time slot and balance is due at your session. Sessions will take place on November 10 and November 17 with a few spots remaining.

We look forward to capturing you and your family this holiday season!!

xmass room holiday session nyc photographerSchedule Your 2019 NYC Holiday Photos!nyc mini session holiday 20192019 holiday mini session nyc photographer

Quebec | Traveling with kids to Canada Part II https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/09/09/quebec-traveling-with-kids-to-canada-part-ii/ Mon, 09 Sep 2019 18:58:46 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79141 After 3 days on Montreal, Quebec Canada, we went to Quebec city. Traveling through the old Quebec City we felt like we were back in Prague. The architecture, the environment, street performers, the kindness of people all and much more, makes this area simple magical. I had an opportunity to speak with few folks who agreed – if you want to see Prague~like but closer and a bit less costly, come to Quebec City


With all the people around, we were able to get few family pics in… finally updated our family pictures

This area… After about 4+hrs there, we still didn’t cover the whole area.


Montmorency Falls

Last time we were at Niagara falls, was about 20 years ago, so going to Montmorency Falls, was a nice alternative.

Perhaps a hidden in plain sight treasure of Quebec, is Ile d’Orleans. Had Angela NOT researched and found this GoooooooooooRGEOUS place, we’d never go there. Never would we have crossed the two-lane bridge to enter ANOTHER WORLD. Driving through this island, I felt like I’m driving through a movie scene of a french country side.


As we drove through the island, local vendors are selling fruits and vegetables that are beyond fresh and delicious.

The kids enjoy the scenery as well

One of the first places we stopped was a Winery for some delicious Wine VSP. After few sips and small shopping, we went for lunch at a local restaurant Cassis Monna and Filles. It just finished raining, while sitting at the veranda, the staff opened the shade and this was the view. I didn’t have my camera at that moment, grabbed my phone and captured this using panoramic mode.

panoramic view for lunch

bought some Jam

More Wine Tasting. This time we stopped at Domaine Steinbach

love the idea of trying before buy

While on the island, few places that are must visit – La Maison Smith bakery for some croissants

Croissant from La Maison Smith


and maybe finalize the visit with some ice cream and chocolate from Chocolaterie de Ile d’Orleans,

Chocolaterie de Ile d’Orleans,

As we were driving, we passed a small sign on the road

We made the turn off-road and were met with nothing but an empty field on the left and right of us and tree-line about half a mile ahead. Once we came towards the tree line, we were blown away by the beauty in the woods, mind you – this was NOT seen on the main road.Len-talleur

l'en-tailleurCabaneASucremaple syrup factoryOne could take a little tour of the property and learn how Maple Syrup is made,

tasting the syrupfor a small price, purchase the stirrer sticks and roll on freshly hot maple syrup onto the ice.

After that, make your way into the store and purchase the flavors from packages of your choosing len-tailleurmaplesyruppure

For the seafood lovers and if you don’t mind waiting a bit in line, a small shack-looking store is selling Lobster Rolls from Casse-Croûte Chez Mag

Cheese lovers, can stop by cheese tasting and get recipes from local makers like Le Paillasson



Our little family road trip was full of mini adventures, laughs and new experiences. If I were to repeat it, I’d probably fly into Quebec, rent a car and give my self 2 full days on the island to fully explore it. Another full day at Old Quebec and if Montreal Biodome open, take a 2.5hr drive to spend a day there. I’d also make sure that my internet was significantly faster thus I’d be able to utilize English-Frensh translator, it would definitely make my life easier. On side note, The Island has only one gas station, multiple electric-car charging stations but one gas station, so make sure you have enough gas when circling the area.

Montreal | Traveling with kids to Canada. Part I https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/09/05/montreal-traveling-with-kids-to-canada-part-i/ Thu, 05 Sep 2019 04:10:48 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79122 This blog is a bit personal… They are all personal but this one is about my family. Few disclaimers though, first and foremost, this is about our experience and our thoughts while doing this trip.  Second, whenever possible, for privacy reasons, names/places will be left out. We decided to blog this trip about while half way through it, therefore some pics were from cell phones, some from camera, some edited and some-CAPTURE2Remember 🙂

Few weeks ago, as our birthdays were approaching, Angela and I started thinking what to do and where to go. Two years ago, we went to Prague and had an AMAZING time. Being without the kids, made the trip easy but we missed them. Last year, we went to Budapest; without going into details, we wished we went back to Prague lol and again WITHOUT kids. This year, we really wanted to be with the kids. We made them, we love them, they drive us crazy and bunkers (anyone who is a parent of multiple age group will attest to it) but they are mine kind of craZy and I can’t imagine my life without them. Soooouuuu, we decided that we’ll take a drive to Canada. Our itinerary consisted of me driving and turning to Angela and asking her “where to?”. She might edit this part out  but reality is that if it wouldn’t be for Angela’s constant and continues research into what to do – this trip would SUCK.

First and foremost, My shnookams, found an apt via airbnb in Montreal. Luckily, car navi has Canada programmed into it, b/c web/cellular data in Canada was HORRIBLE (not going to mention which phone careers we have). Once that was settled, we loaded two suitcase, camera bag, computer and off we went. For anyone who is a phototechy, for this trip, I took one camera (cell phone being a backup), 35mm lens, 15mm fisheye, one flash with remote in-case I want to go off-camera or rather kids LET ME go OCL. I honestly, don’t remember a vacation that we went to without bringing computer. We call it a good problem to have – even when not necessarily photographing, there’s editing needing to be done. We go into the car, loaded kids and took a drive.

nyc photographers

For a city slicker like me, I love being in areas as such and just absorbing amazing beauty.

nyc photographers  nyc photographers

While driving, we did take a side route for several miles along i87, to enjoy the beauty of the road. Short 7hrs after we left the house, we were in province  of Quebec, we were in Montreal. Since we had time before settling into our apartment, we went for lunch. Thanks to Angela’s research, we went to restaurant called L’Avenue. It’s a place popular for breakfast and launch… it was our Brunch and IT WAS good

nycnyc photographersnyc photographers

After Lunchy-Brunchy, we dropped of our bags in a-bnb and went on to explore Old Port Montreal. The area is a tourist spot, loaded with restaurants, souvenir shops and other attractions.

nyc photographers

The most fun though was the zip line. Sure, I should have used my kid’s diapers prior to going on the ride, but I made it through and surprisingly, without any incidents :). My older two kids also went on the ride and had a blast doing so. After I lost 10 pounds and my kids felt rush of kinetic energy, we walked around the area, took some pics, enjoyed the rainy weather… nyc photographersAte some ice cream

nyc photographersand called it a day.

We highly recommend a restaurant called La Banquise for some Poutine which is a Canadian dish originated from Quebec consisting of french fries, gravy and other toppings as you wish. It was definitely a huge hit with the kids

nyc photographersnyc photographersnyc photographers

We stayed on Montreal for 3 days. Sadly, the famous BioDome was  closed for renovation and we didn’t get to experience it, but we got to explore other parts of the city and learning about our neighbors from up north.

Stay tunes for part two from Quebec.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | aka Alice in Wonderland | NYC Photographer https://pictureperfectny.com/2019/07/30/alices-adventures-in-wonderland-aka-alice-in-wonderland-nyc-photographer/ Tue, 30 Jul 2019 21:24:14 +0000 https://pictureperfectny.com/?p=79096 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by an English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1865. I truthfully don’t know in how many languages this story has been translated. Being born in former USSR, I remember the story in Russian. I’ve seen the movies in English, my friends of Hispanic, Asian, Middle East background heard the stories in their native languages… The story and variations of it have been told for over 100 years.

As professional photographers, we often capture events and portrait sessions with variety of themes. Parents contact us and discuss these options. I’m glad we were able to put this classic story into reality right in front of our cameras.

About a year ago, we photographed Charlotte at her newborn session. Together, with her parents, we were able to put together a wonderful gallery of images. Fast forward a year later, we were contacted by mommy and requested “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” theme for her daughter’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session. After confirming appointment date/time, we started planning.

First, Angela had an image in her head and she went out looking for details: the hand sign, the watch, the flowers, the letters, etc etc. Once we got the details, it was time to put it together. Typically, we setup the scenes the same day. On few occasions, we set them up the night before, this was a one of those setups.

Like most of the full sessions, we started out with family: capturing Charlotte with her parents together and individuals. After families, we moved on the fun part. Now in the interest of time and web-space, I didn’t post the whole session, just cake-smash part of it. We captured the pre-cake part and got an amazing gallery of smiles, this being one of them…

alice's adventures in wonderland portrait session

After many smiles without the cake, we got the cake in.

Cake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland | Alice in WonderlandCake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland | Alice in Wonderland

Charlotte wasn’t to keen on the cake and we got the parents involved.

Cake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland and parents | Alice in Wonderland

We finished the session with the bathtime. Overall, it was a very successful session, where we were able to concentrate on various aspects of the session and got an wonderful gallery of images that parents can treasure for years and years to come.